ATM Cleaning

 ATM Cleaning Service?

      • Cost effective way to make an ATM look new
      • Limited ATM downtime
      • Significant Brand Impact

Our unique communication system with our clients, enables transparency in what we do. We communicate in the form of a complete check list with recommendations and pictures of the ATM status, before and after cleaning. We remove graffiti and report vandalism and any suspicious occurrences in the surrounding of the ATM. For a minimal amount, Lepro ATM Services commit to uphold your institution’s image as clean as possible by cleaning on your ATM and its surroundings.


Lepro takes into account the sensitivity of the machines, hence we do not use cleaning detergents that contain ammonia on the ATM. Cleaning Services are available for all make and model ATMs, regardless of the manufacturer.


What is ATM Cleaning Service?

Cleaning Service follows a three step process:

Prep and Review

  • Check in with Site management
  • Complete inspection form
  • Check Regulation E Notice


  • Clean ATM area within 10 foot radius of ATM, remove trash from receptacles
  • Clean ATM monitor and other peripherals
  • Remove and non-standard signage from the machine
  • Wipe down the ATM, Surround and/or Topper


  • Report any ATM damage or major environmental concerns
  • Take 5 Digital photos and post to website for your review

Banks always want to give their clients the best experience when using their off-site’s ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and this has made them use our services for many years. Our service also includes a detailed reporting service to alert the bank of any damage to the ATM itself or any part of the ATM installation Our ATM cleaning division is a specialized mobile operation whose primary objective is to uphold our clients’ image at all times.

You will find our ATM hygiene specialists in the most remote areas; wherever there is your ATM, you will find us there. Because we acknowledge that you can’t be in a hundred places at once, we will be there for yo