Transform landscapes into well established gardens, restore overgrown nightmares to dream gardens. Our special expertise is environmental rehabilitation, hence we encourage the use of indigenous plant material. We accommodate your budget by restoring one section of your garden at a time.We do it best the first time

Lepro does a complete inspection of each and every job site to determine a schedule that will keep your outdoor spaces tidy and as safe as possible. We believe that the most productive and cost effective relationship between an employer and a cleaning service is the one where the service is efficient and thorough. We are geared towards reducing costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of services to meet your commercial garden needs.

Do away with all the extra stress of employing a permanent garden/outside area caretaker. No more paying for benefits, lunch breaks and sick days. Forget having to follow around and manage them to ensure you get what you’re paying for. With Lepro garden maintenance team , your worries become our duty. You get the service you require without any of the unwanted management or stress.

Our Services Cover


    • General Garden Service.
    • Lawn Maintenance
    • Hedge trimming
    • Security
    • electric fence clearing
    • Pruning
    • Overgrown gardens cleared.
    • Weed killer
    • Leaf clearance
    • Garden rubbish removal.