We are not only a hygiene company; we are consultants and advisors, truly interested in you.

We are the best cleaning and hygiene brand currently available, the products have extensive warrantees.

 We believe that our service is excellent and we work every day to perfect it, small things such as cross training in our offices ensure that all our employees can help any of our clients, eliminating frustrating waiting times for quotes and information, 48 hour delivery times and much more ensures that our clients are always happy.

 Modern living demands innovation and our aim is to keep abreast of all changes and new ideas available, therefore we always have new innovations coming along that we pass on to our clients.

Lepro provides a total washroom service, leading in washroom hygiene. This includes its feminine hygiene system, which removes and replaces units with every service and uses a unique, natural germicides that kill 99.999% of germs. This means that for every 10th of a gram of waste, less than 100 bacteria survive, whereas 10,000 bacteria survive with other products claiming 99.99%.

At Lepro we service all washroom dispensers air and hand care, baby care and deep cleaning. We also provide a comprehensive pest control service. We work with clients to ensure healthy, infection free environments for staff and their customers. A medical waste management service is also available in some countries.

We pride ourselves on our hygienic service and our many satisfied customers. In recent research across eight countries, 92% of customers said they trusted Lepro to do the right thing and to understand their needs. We aim to keep building and developing on this. We provide customers with a clear service schedule; and with a customer charter, which guarantees our service and response times.Innovation is an important part of our operations. We work with customers to continually improve our service and to offer more environmentally friendly, hygienic solutions for their businesses.


Soap, Air-care and Paper Towel Dispensers, Sanitary and Wall Mounted Waste Bins, Urinal, Toilet, Hand and Seat Sanitisers, Hand Dryers, Toilet Roll Holders, Baby Changing Stations and Auto Flushers